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Our school community members include. 

1. Teachers

Our teachers are collectively responsible for all the students that attend the school. Our teachers are professionals who have a goal within the school community to work towards improved education for all the students. Our teachers help students attain their educational goals, act as mentors, and provide a supportive atmosphere where the students can grow and develop.

2. Parents and Caregivers

Parents and caregivers are critical components of the school community. They try their best to provide a balanced family life and ideal conditions at home to help support learning. They help students with homework assignments and setting academic goals. Sometimes they work in collaboration with the teachers for curriculum planning, school decisions, and governance.

3. Students

Students are the most important components of any school community. Without students there would be no school! Students transform the school community into a group of engaged learners. Learning for students includes learning in the classroom as well as learning from activities organized by the school.

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