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Since its inception, Loyola High School has always aimed at blending the motto of the school, Men and Women for Others, with academic excellence. Loyolites are expected to excel academically in view of using their education to reach out to others. Consequently, student's assessment at Loyola focuses on both, academic performance and character.


Loyola assesses students academic progress continuously by using tests commonly known as CATs, i.e. Continuous Assessment Tests, which count for the annual average of the student. Therefore students are expected to be constantly in touch with whatever they are learning.

The school conducts different examinations on Mondays every week called Continuous Assessment Tests (CATS). This help them to get prepared for external exams like, Joint Examinations for Catholic Schools (JECAS), Tanzania Heads of Secondary Schools Association (TAHOSSA), and National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA).These are some of the result which show the school position in Tanzania.

Subjects taught at Loyola include: 

  • Book-keeping

  • Commerce*

  • General Studies+/Civics

  • Physics*

  • Basic Mathematics

  • Basic Applied Mathematics

  • Additional Mathematics

  • Advanced Mathematics+

  • Chemistry*

  • Geography*

  • English*

  • Literature in English*

  • History*

  • Economics+

  • Kiswahili

  • Biology*

  • Computer Science*

  • Accountancy+


(* means that the subject is taught both in O and A Level; while + means that the subject is taught in A Level only).

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